Wireless Internet Services
FCC Regulations

Nez Perce Tribe Department of Technology Services

Preserving the Open Internet, Broadband Industry Practices, Report and Order, 25 FCC Rcd 17905, 17936-41 – passed into law November 20, 2011. ISP providers are required to post their company’s Open Internet Principles on their website within 45 days of the effective date of this

  1.  Transparency: fixed and mobile broadband providers must disclose the network management practices, performance characteristics, and commercial terms of their broadband services.

  2. No blocking: fixed broadband providers may not block lawful content, applications, services, or non-harmful devices; mobile broadband providers may not block lawful Web sites, or block applications that compete with their voice or video telephony services.

  3. No unreasonable discrimination: fixed broadband providers may not unreasonably discriminate in transmitting lawful network traffic.

  4. ReReasonable network management. ISPs may engage in reasonable network management to maintain a high quality of service for broadband Internet access.



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